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I had Uber last night (7.21.2016) then I was conversing with the driver. He was a jeepney driver from Diparo, Caloocan but his cousin hired him to be an Uber driver. Of course unlike other drivers who owns the car, this kind of drivers earn less. He told me that for his Toyota Innova, his expenses for diesel are almost 3500 pesos per week. Sometimes, he prefer to be a jeepney driver again because of less maintenance and less price for gas/diesel. I am kinda chatty every Uber or Grab trips. So, I tried to ask questions regarding their job.. In this post, I would try my best to summarize their answers:

  1. Drivers cannot see the destinations of the passengers unless they start the trip. Kaya pala sabi nila bawal tumanggi ang drivers in the first place. 
  2. They can get suspended for 1 to 3 hours in an Uberpool trip if they will not get another passenger.
  3. They can get suspended if they cancel a trip.
  4. They can also get suspended if someone reported them.
  5. Lugi sila sa mga nahahatid nila na wala masyadong pasahero like Laguna or Alabang.
  6. If they will get a passenger who chose Uberpool, the notifications they will get for another passenger are the people nearby.. not the people they can drop by along the way that is located nearby the 1st passenger.
  7. Most of the drivers are dependent to Waze.
  8. Do not cancel your uberpool trip if the driver is already on the way. You will get P100 cancellation fee.

Here are my personal tips for Uber passengers:

  1. Download offline maps (like Maps.Me) and view the MMDA Traffic Navigator website (http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com/line-view-edsa.php) before you take an Uber Trip. Search for your preferred routes.
  2. Be patient with the drivers. We tend to be irate whenever we are stressed, tired, sleepy and etc. Tao lang din ‘yang drivers. Napapagod at nasasaktan. #hugot May drivers na parang mabagal magdrive or di kabisado ang daan. Better help them kasi magiging mas okay pa sila sa trabaho nila.
  3. If you are a regular Uber passenger or at least you took 2 Uber trips, give some tips to the Uber drivers who are not familiar with routes, Waze, getting Uberpool passengers, etc. I had an Uber driver who was an OFW for more than 10 years so he is not familiar with routes. This Uber driver was in awe of the Waze app. But I noticed that he is not familiar with some traffic rules. Advise your drivers nicely. 
  4. Some Uber drivers are not techie. If you have a preferred route, tell them bago pa mapalayo or ma-stuck sa traffic.
  5. Uber is not perfect. Walang product or brand na perfect. There would always be risks.
  6. And yes, risks… Do not take the risk for an Uberpool IF you are running late for school or work. Mas mapapatagal minsan yung biyahe. Si passenger1 sa Cubao pala destination tapos ikaw sa Ortigas pala. 
  7. ALWAYS be wise whenever and where ever you are. Uber, Grab, Taxi, FX, LRT, MRT, jeep, etc.

My driver last night just sleeps in a gasoline station. He works often from 5 am until 2 am. Even my trip last night had some problems like heavy traffic, slow driving and etc., I was still being nice. This thought was just running inside my mind yesterday: Minsan naiisip natin na pagod na tayo sa trabaho na hindi na natin naiisip na may iba na pagod din sa trabaho, mas walang tulog at may pinagdadaanan. (obviously, my trip was long yesterday LOL HAHAHAHAHA dami ko naiisip) 

I am also a Grab user. Maybe in the future I would also write a post like this for Grab. I hope this helps! Put your comments if you also have some tips or hugot thoughts haha!

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